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2019 Year-End Review of Financial Advising in Visalia, CA Thumbnail

2019 Year-End Review of Financial Advising in Visalia, CA

2019 is coming to an end and with it comes an end to my first year as a financial services firm owner and Financial Advisor at Sequoia Financial in Visalia. 

It's been three months since we opened shop and we have onboarded 7 households as comprehensive financial planning and investment management clients with most of them fitting squarely into our niche of young, high-income professionals. And while ongoing comprehensive financial planning is our main focus, we have also done some project-based financial planning for 5 additional clients on projects including a business valuation and sale, liquidity event planning, portfolio review, one-time retirement planning, and long-term care planning.

2019 was mostly a year of preparation followed by a few months of much-needed and appreciated growth. After spending almost a year and a half in the planning and build-up to opening our doors, I was preparing to onboard about 1-2 clients a month for the first 1-2 years... The financial services industry is notorious for being slow and hard to get started in with a success rate sitting around just 12%.

Moving forward and into 2020, with our onboarding process further streamlined, I am currently expecting to see about twice as many clients per month as I did this past year. However, our overall focus will remain where it began, which is on optimizing our client experience. I expect this to remain the firm’s focus for the foreseeable future and to complement our overarching goal of helping as many people as possible, especially in our niche of young, high-income professionals. There are also plans to start other forms of outreach including a podcast and various types of events.

Another point that I would like to touch on is this area. Visalia has been a dream of a city to start this business in. Especially downtown. Small business owners flourish here and there is an amazing network of business owners that love to work with each other. Coming from owning a small insurance agency and growing up in the area, those existing relationships have been a huge part of this business taking off so quickly and I couldn’t be more thankful to my friends and family, as well as my current and past clients.

I can’t wait to continue this on into the new decade and I want to wish a sincere Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to anyone who has made it this far into this post! Thank you for reading and best wishes.

- Schad TenBroeck 

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